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Terms of Service

Terms of service

Only the following conditions apply to all orders and sales through our web shop, by e-mail, by phone/fax or surface mail. Deviating clauses only apply if acknowledged by us in writing.

  1. All our offers are subject to confirmation, price changes and errors.
  2. All products are made available as a download after payment is received. No physical goods are delivered. After payment has been received, the customer will promptly receive a confirmation mail containing the invoice (confirming the receipt of the payment) and the download link.
  3. The order of the customer legally forms an offer, the sale contract is entered only through an explicit confirmation of acceptance or by shipping the goods. The product pages in our webshop do not form an offer in the sense of the Slovenian Code of Obligations (Obligacijski zakonik-OZ)
  4. Before sending the final order, the customer will get the possibility to correct all aspects of the order in the webshop. Detailed information on this will be shown directly in the order process of the webshop.
  5. As soon as the order was properly sent, the customer will be shown a confirmation of the submission on the web page. The confirmation will also be sent to an email address provided by the customer. This confirmation of submission does not constitute an acceptance of the order by us.
  6. The customer is bound one week (7 days) by his order.
  7. All invoices and bills are in Euro. If advance payment is done from abroad, the customer needs to ensure that all charges are paid by the customer and we receive the full amount.
  8. Right to withdraw from the contract:
    1. As we sell software downloads, the Slovenian Consumer Protection law (Zakon o varstvu potrošnikov-ZVPot) or similar laws of the respective countries of residence, do not grant a right to withdraw from the contract after the software has been downloaded.
    2. Before the software has been downloaded, you have the right to withdraw from the contract for 14 days (and at least 5 working days, whichever is longer). It suffices to send the withdrawal notice in time. You will then be refunded the full amount, and the order will be canceled and all access rights will be revoked.
    3. In all other cases, we do not grant refunds, unless the software is clearly unfit for its described purpose, and it is our fault.
  9. Data processing:
    1. We hereby notify you that we are storing and processing your data via electronic data processing, in as far as necessary for the business and allowed by the corresponding data protection laws.
    2. The customer also agrees that the following personal data will be processed for the handling of the order and to inform you about new products: Name, Address, e-Mail, Phone/Fax.
  10. Agreement to the reception of advertising emails - and revocation:
    1. The customer agrees to the reception of newsletters and other messages via email from our company about our products, current offers and other company-related information.
    2. The customer can revoke his agreement to the reception of such messages at any time by replying to the sender email address of such a message, stating that the reception of such messages is no longer desired. Alternatively, the message might contain different instructions how to revoke the agreement.
  11. Unless the appropriate laws (consumer protection laws and other applicable local laws) stipulate something else, the venue of law is Ljubljana, Slovenia.

(General Terms and Conditions, KEPHA, January 19, 2015)


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